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Special Screening

Markus Lepistö & IC-98

Saturday 4.11.2023 2:00 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

Markus Lepistö has been the the animator and compostor of IC-98 animations since 2008. This special screening concentrates on his role and work processes.


IC-98 animations include various computer animation techniques, which combined with pencil sketch collages create a slowly changing scene – an animated drawing. Animate and inanimate objects take on different, symbolic meanings, and animals such as flocks of birds populate the worlds, and natural phenomena such as mists, clouds, smoke and water reveal the story gradually.


The creation process of the animations and the concrete workflow have hardly been documented. This screening will hopefully unveil this mystery to some extent. The screening presents behind-the-scenes histories of the bulk of all IC-98 animations, as it includes test renderings, including 3D, sketch and slice animation clips, simulated particle atmospheres, and final renders. The screening also illustrates how the still collages of the views have been composited and enhanced with moving shadows, deformations, effects and editing within the mask animations.


IC-98 animations are characterized by calm progression, slow change and a subtle evolution of views. However, in this presentation the rendered parts and finished animations have been sped up when needed, with the aim of illustrating what happens in the imperceptible changes of the animations.

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