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Henna Välkky & Eesu Lehtola.png


Collaborative Screening & Seminar

Friday 3.11.2023 6:00 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

DocDetail is an event that explores the connections between documentary film and video art. The program includes two short documentaries and a moderated seminar with filmmakers from three Finnish film projects. The seminar will evolve around the theme ‘space’ and focuses on the role details play in the presented films. Because even a small detail can mean something big.


The seminar will be moderated by Ilona Hongisto (Adjunct Professor in Media Theory and Aesthetics at the University of Turku, and in Documentary Film at Aalto University, Helsinki, Professor in Film Studies at NTNU, Norway) who will talk in English with the filmmakers Maija Blåfield, Henna Välkky, Eesu Lehtola and Anna Törrönen about their films. The discussion deepens our understanding of the importance of details and how filmmakers make decisions about what to focus on in their films.


Ananke Pereira & Felipe Elgueta.png

Ananke Pereira
& Felipe Elgueta

Sombra Vertical

/ Vertical Shadow (2023)

Maija Blåfield.jpg

Maija Blåfield

Scenic View (2023)

Anna Törrönen.png

Anna Törrönen

If the Road Was a River

(working title) (est. 2024)

Zsófia Paczolay.png

Zsófia Paczolay

Budapest Silo (2022)

Henna Välkky & Eesu Lehtola.png

Henna Välkky
& Eesu Lehtola

When I Was Dead (working title)

(est. 2024)

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