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VAFT x Av-arkki

Celestial Bodies

Collaborative Screening & Panel Discussion

Saturday 4.11.2023 4:00 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

In AV-arkki’s collaborative screening, celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena are approached with an experimenting mind. The scientific knowledge reveals its limits – yet something, maybe the “damned endless curiosity”, as named by Erkki Kurenniemi, leads us to try and attain what remains beyond our reach. Personal and historical coexist in this same cosmos. The videos vary stylistically from documentary to performative.


The screening is followed by a panel discussion on the relationship between episteme and emotions in (video) art and (astronomic) science. The discussion will be held in English with artists Flis Holland and Kati Roover and astro-philosopher, science educator Tuukka Perhoniemi (Ursa) and moderated by Tytti Rantanen (AV-arkki).



Kati Roover

Eclipse (2015)

Markus Renvall.jpeg

Markus Renvall

Looking at the Moon (2006)

Maria Duncker.jpeg

Maria Duncker

Pam Pam (2013)

Axel Straschnoy.jpeg

Axel Straschnoy

The Finnish Astronautical Society (2019)


Flis Holland

Subserotic Bulge (2021)

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