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VAFT 2023

1-28th FEBRUARY 2023


Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) is an international video art festival that will be held for the sevent time in November 2023. The festival is looking for video art works to be shown in different locations around Turku. The juror for VAFT 2023 is the artist collective IC-98, a 23-year-old collaboration producing artist publications, site and context specific projects and interventions, animated moving image installations and short films. An anonymous pre-selection of the works will be made by the board of Ääriö ry, the association behind the festival.

This time the festival has a theme: Spaces. Space is something we can find in infinity and galaxies as well as in physical places, distance and closeness, in environments or in our mind. The theme is meant to inspire and suggest, not to restrain.

VAFT 2023 will be accepting submissions for entry from 1–28 February 2023. Once the open call has started, you can submit your work via this page.


Anyone, regardless of nationality or degree, can submit their work for this open call. To submit, you don't have to pay any jury fee. It's possible to participate as a collective or send a concept for a work or a workshop. For us at VAFT, video art is anything including audiovisual content. The most important thing is the artistic quality of the work/workshop.


If you think you're good, go for it!


  • The theme of VAFT 2023 is Spaces

  • You may only submit one (1) work.

  • Additionally, you may also submit one (1) work as a collective or group.

  • The artwork can be single- or multi-channelled. There is no limit for form, genre or duration. Alternatively, you may submit a proposal for other content, for example an artist talk, workshop or live performance.

  • If your artwork is in a language other than Finnish or English, it needs to be subtitled in Finnish or English. 

  • For marketing purposes 1–2 still images of the art work are required. Share the images (.jpg or .png) for example via Dropbox or Google Drive by adding the download link in the form. 

  • The artist must hold full copyright to the work or have an agreement with all copyright holders to present the work at the festival. The artists retain all rights to their work. Ääriö ry only has the right to present the work at the Video Art Festival Turku on the 2nd to 5th of November 2023, unless agreed otherwise.

  • No entry fee is required.

  • The festival commits to paying all selected artists a screening fee. Taxes and other deductions apply. 

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