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Deborah Kelly

For Creation (2021)

6:51 min

English, no subtitles

VAFT Screening: Cosmos

Thursday 2.11.2023 6:00 PM 

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

For Creation contemplates the glittering webs enveloping matter and sentience, claiming space for spirited defence of life itself. Combining ardent queerness, elegy and homage, For Creation is an animated paper collage constructed from the ruins of obsolete books. Collagists studied SJ Norman’s glorious Liturgy of the Saprophyte, the new sacred literature at the heart of the CREATION religion, and their resulting artworks form figure and field. Musical collaborators and queer dancefloor legends Stereogamous composed the anthemic soundtrack, featuring the voices of SJ Norman and emerging popstar Lupa J.

Deborah Kelly’s (b. 1962) practice encompasses animation, installation, event and performance. Her work has been shown around Australia and the world; it is often collaborative and concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange. She is currently founding a queer science fiction climate change religion: CREATION.

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