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Sarah Fitterer

Shrimp Love (2022)

9 min

German with English subtitles

VAFT Screening: Meshwork

Saturday 4.11.2023 8:30 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

The success of conventional shrimp farming relies on a method called eyestalk ablation. Female shrimp get one of their eyes cut off. Out of survival instinct they immediately start reproducing. EU law forbids the use of eyestalk ablation and considers it animal cruelty, which is why german farmers ask themselves: How can we get the shrimp to have sex? What do they need? Can shrimp fall in love? The film seeks answers from German shrimp farmers, philosophers and shrimp enthusiasts.

Sarah Fitterer (b. 1996) is an artist based between Berlin and the Netherlands. Her work investigates love, agriculture, and power, speculating about how they often make no sense and all the sense at the same time. Her favorite animals are chickens, shrimps and cows.

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