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The safety of our festival guests and our production team is of utmost importance to us.


Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) follows the recommendations of Finnish healthcare officials as well as the general guidelines set for public events. We aim to make the festival and all our events as safe and pleasant as possible by taking on different safety measures. We hope that people attending to the festival events will also take the safety instructions into account. We do not recommend that those at higher risk from COVID-19 attend any of our events.


We provide free admission to all events.



  • The capacity of bars has been reduced by a half. You will need to register to the screenings held in Kino Diana and the space is used in such a way that guests and friend groups can avoid close contact with others

  • The auditorium in Kino Diana will open 15 minutes prior to scheduled screenings to avoid queues

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks are provided in all our events

  • In the event of even slight symptoms our staff members will stay at home

  • Our festival products can be purchased by using Mobilepay




  • If possible, register in advance to screenings on Kino Dianas website: 

  • Keep sufficient safety distances

  • Pay extra attention to hygiene and do not participate in any events if you are feeling ill

  • We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask to our events, face maks will also be provided by the entrance

  • If possible, please download 'Koronavilkku' (by THL) on your mobile phone and keep it running whenever attending any festival events

Any new decisions and resulting guidelines will be updated also on our social media.

We hope for your understanding in the case of changes caused by these exceptional times we live in.

Ääriö ry

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