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Reserve your seats

in advance


To secure the safety of the festival guests, we kindly ask you to reserve your seat in advance to screenings held in Kino Diana. You can reserve your seat by visiting Kino Diana’s website. The reservation system ensures safe distances when reserving multiple seats or a single seat. We recommend that you arrive early in Kino Diana, and be prepared for a 10-20 min waiting time, so that we can distribute face masks and secure safe distances while queuing.

Reserving seats and all our screenings are free of charge.

In case you are unable to attend a screening, please cancel your registration, so that we are able to offer your seat for those interested. You can cancel your reservation by using the link provided in the reservation message.

Pro tip: if you are planning to reserve seats to two screenings following each other, pick the same seat to both screenings, if possible. This way moving around the film theatre will be limited, which makes the festival even safer.

Registering in advance is not required at VAFT’s other venues (Bar Ö, Turku City Library, Bar Kuka and Turku City Theatre), but we hope you will nonetheless be there early.

We will provide free face masks outside of Kino Diana, Bar Ö and Bar Kuka in advance. We highly recommend that you wear a face mask to all our events! Face masks are needed especially while moving in and out of Kino Diana.

Anikó Kuikka’s Sun aikas koittaa (Your dawn will come) is available for the visually impaired with English or Finnish audio description. If you require audio description, please send us an email stating which language option you want by 3.11. to


We warmly welcome you to VAFT 2020!

Link to the reservation system:

The site only works in Finnish, but is pretty straightforward with only 3 steps.

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