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Sylvester Kivelä

on the floor (2023)

5:06 min

No dialogue

VAFT Screening: Lifelines

Friday 3.11.2023 4:30 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

I got a dead man's porn. There were so many cardboard boxes of DVDs that my living room was filled with them. The discs were dusty and many were digitized from VHS to DVDs. How much space will all this take on my hard drive.  


I go layer by layer deeper into someone else's fetishes and desires as I download the best videos onto my computer. There are millions of bytes of porn and a stream of images smears my screen.


On the floor is compiled from found footage as well as footage I shot myself. The music is homemade.

Sylvester Kivelä (b. 1997) is a visual artist whose work focuses on light and video, music and text. His work often deals with sexuality, gender, disgust and loneliness. Kivelä graduated as a visual artist from the Turku Academy of Fine Arts.

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