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Rebecca Close

The Wife of Them All (2022)

23 min

English and Spanish, with English and Spanish subtitles

VAFT Screening: Networks

Sunday 5.11.2023 4:00 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

The Wife of Them All follows a family based across continents as they critique and move beyond borders, mad bureaucracy and precarious work. Lying at the intersection of documentary and science fiction, the film addresses contemporary "reproductive politics" through a heist plot unique in addressing the global fertility market in relation to migratory control. Aesthetically, the project links histories of clay animation film, time-lapse microscopy and feminist video art and explores ideas of gender and biological plasticity. This is an animation film that resists the seduction of the human face and figure, rather constructing character through texture, voice and relationality, affirming "the queer network" as both technique and theme.

Rebecca Close (b. 1987) is an artist, researcher, filmmaker and poet. Their work reaches beyond apocalyptic temporalities, emphasizing structures of family, labour and love that work. They are currently based in Helsinki, undertaking doctoral artistic research on queer reproduction at Aalto University, funded by Kone Foundation.

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