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Panu Johansson

Water Tower Symphony (2023)

19:53 min

Finnish with English subtitles

VAFT Screening: Knots

Friday 3.11.2023 4:30 PM

Kino Diana, Humalistonkatu 3

Water Tower Symphony is a tribute to Finnish water towers and the memories associated with them in the form of an experimental film. As the title suggests, the piece gives the spotlight to Finnish water towers, the real eye-catchers of the local constructed environment. According to recent Finnish studies these towers have become town symbols that create local identity. Water Tower Symphony not only documents, but also revives this kind of everyday environment typical to Finland. These slowly disappearing surreal buildings deserve to be depicted through art: they deserve a visual symphony of their own.

Panu Johansson (b. 1980) is a media artist and an experimental filmmaker from Finland. He works with moving image, photography and sound. His works have been exhibited in various festivals, exhibitions and microcinemas since the year 2000. Reoccurring themes in Johansson's work are memories, landscape, the history of experimental film and cultural history.

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