DocTurku <3 VAFT on Monday 7.5. at Bar Ö

VAFT 2018 is only few weeks away, yet we are offering you something really cool in collaboration with DocTurku next week. DocTurku <3 VAFT presents four documentary short films @ Bar Ö (Linnankatu 7, Turku) on May 7th. Screening starts at 7:30 PM and the program is 45 min. Free entry. 

The documentary-like video art challenges the boundaries of the definition of documentary film and broadens our view of reality. The chosen works show a balance between art and documentary, past and present and observation and imagination:

Drag Me To Kempele - Samuli Alapuranen
Finland 2017, 8:00 min

Abandoned Land - Simo Saarikoski
Finland  2017, 12.15 min

Images of the Border / Bilder der Grenze - Jakub Šimčik
Germany / Czech Republic 2016, 13 min

Tribute to a Dead Oar - Yuval Yairi
Denmark / Israel 2017, 7.20 min

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